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Downtown City Engagement Photos

When Billy and Brittney first inquired with me, I quite literally was jumping for joy! After initially meeting and hearing all about their engagement and wedding plans, I could not have been more excited. When you book your wedding with me, it also comes with an engagement session! These two are extremely laid-back and enjoy showing off their goofy side, yet sexy side as well… I mean, look at them together! The vision for their engagement photos was to embody their personalities truly. We took their Downtown City Engagement Photos here in the lovely city of Washington DC and I can just say one word? Obsessed.

From the moment that Brittney and Billy first reached out to me, they made it clear they wanted their personalities to shine through. Since these two have some of the most infectious personalities, they wanted their engagement photos to reflect that. My main goal whenever it comes to working with my couples is that they can look back and feel like your images reflect you.

Downtown City Engagement Photos

We started their engagement session on a lovely Tuesday morning here in Washington DC. As soon as I saw Brittney and Billy in their engagement attire, I just about died. Brittney wore this white matching set, high-heeled boots, and get this… fishnet tights with pearls… Can we cue in This is What Dreams are Made Of from Lizzie McGuire, please?? While I am a big proponent of letting my couples choose what to wear, I always give my couples outfit ideas/suggestions as well! I love being able to use Pinterest as a great way to gather inspiration for your session. It also gives me a way to share some of my fave outfit ideas with my couples. If you haven’t checked out my Pinterest yet, just click here to see more!

These two hit the nail on the head with these outfits and stuck with neutrals, which is always a safe bet. Despite them choosing a safe option color/tone-wise, they added a bit of diversity with Brittney’s pearl tights and high-heeled boots. 10/10, in my opinion! We spent the first half of the morning walking around the city and soaking up that early morning sun. While many people LOVE golden hour and don’t get me wrong, it’s beautiful, something about early morning golden hour hits different. If you haven’t done an early morning shoot, I would highly recommend doing it. Test out the waters and see the beauty that is “the morning glow”.

Corcoran School of Art

We met up at the Corcoran School of Art, where we were greeted with these beautiful double doors and grand architecture. The sun was peeking in through the clouds so perfectly, so naturally, we played around with some of that direct sunlight. To give off some cool editorial-type vibes, I had Billy and Brittney bring along some fun glasses to add just a bit of pizzaz. Props like sunglasses, flowers, bags, and such are great for shoots, especially if you suffer from the “I don’t know what to do with my hands” syndrome.

DC Cherry Blossoms

Now one of the main reasons we wanted to do their engagement photos in the city in the first place was for the cherry blossoms! The cherry blossoms are a HUGE tourist attraction during the time of year that they are blooming. A lot of people come from far and wide just to see the beauty that is these cherry blossoms. If you don’t believe me, there is even a website that has a forecast specifically for these cherry blossoms. You can check that out here! The problem when taking photos at peak cherry blossom time, you’re bound to have hundreds of people in them. The secret sauce to making this work? An early rise time! Since it was early in the morning got to have peak cherry blossom time, which was a major score.

In-Home Maryland Engagement Photos

We walked around DC just a little bit longer, soaking up the beautiful city before making our way to our second location. Along with wanting those fun & editorial-type images, Brittney and Billy really wanted something cozy and laidback. That’s why we headed to their home in Maryland, about 30 minutes outside of DC, to finish off their engagement photos with an in-home session!

I’m just going to come right out and say it, in-home sessions are completely underrated. While sure, they do give off a different vibe than typical engagement photos; it’s the perfect option for couples looking for a more relaxed feel. There’s often the idea that your home needs to be “picture perfect” to take in-home sessions. That couldn’t be further from the truth, if I’m being honest. In-home sessions aim to showcase the imperfections that you live in your everyday life. Your home tells your story, and we want to document it! To have some more cute ideas for in-home sessions, check out this blog I wrote here!

We spent the remainder of our time together just hanging out, chatting, and getting to know one another. It was the perfect way to end their engagement session, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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May 22, 2022

Lexi Truesdale

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