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Since my beginning, my Pappy was my caregiver while my parents worked. He had retired before I was born and spent his time pouring into my sister and me with all the love in his heart. I have fond memories of him picking me up in his red car, playing jazz music, and filling the air with the smell of his favorite mints.

My grandparents' love story began when my southern-raised Pappy and my northern-raised Grandma moved to Washington, D.C., and met at Reagan National Airport. My Pappy's sister was friends with my Grandma and convinced her to go on "just one date" with him. After that first date, they were inseparable for 60 years.

During those 60 years, they showed us what it really means to 'grow old together.'

Now, since both of them have sadly passed away, all I have besides the memories in my mind are old boxes of photographs. I look through them often as they give me a sense of comfort and connection to my grandparents. 

Their photos feel like home, inspiring me to document every love story with that feeling at the forefront of my art because, one day, photographs are all we leave behind. 

I've always been the "We need to take a photo!" friend or the one who says, "Text me when you get home safe," and that plays a big role in not just who I am as a person but as a photographer, too. I feel deeply, and I really care for my people. It's as simple as that. 

Being Lexi comes with more than just being a photographer. I'm Lexi. A friend. An artist. The middle child of 6. The girl who loves to cuddle with her favorite person and her cat, Rhino, on their tiny couch in our first apartment together, watching some documentaries. The girl sweating in hot yoga, on her daily walk calling her Mema for the third time this week, spontaneously facetiming a friend, or discovering a new coffee shop.

As you can see, I love mundane, everyday things. I adore the goodness found in life's simplicity.

This affection for the 'everyday' is also reflected in my photography style. I strive to capture the beauty of everyday moments and make your wedding day feel like just another day — a really big, special day that's all about you and your love. If you begin to forget that during the experience, know I will always be here to remind you. It all starts with you and how beautiful it is to not only know that but feel it. I want you to relive the scent of the flowers that lined your aisle, the taste of your favorite cake, the touch of your wedding ring slipping onto your finger, the sound of your loved ones' laughter on the dance floor, and the sight of their beautiful leftover mess on the tables, showing how much they celebrated your love all night long.

In summary — I'm your photographer, but I am also always in your corner. It's as simple as that.

I'm Lexi,

My why — Grandma & Pappy
- stu & kim

"Lexi was the most amazing wedding photographer. She is so creative and confident, and this is truly shown through her work. She was able to take the vision we had and execute it even better than we could have imagined! She made us feel comfortable in front of the camera and was able to guide us when we needed it while still making the shot feel authentic and like "us".

Throughout our wedding experience, we always felt that Lexi was on our team. She prioritized the photos that WE wanted while also capturing candid moments with our loved ones.

Also, Lexi is just an awesome person to be around. She has such an easygoing and fun vibe — so many friends from my wedding party told me that they absolutely loved hanging with her throughout the wedding weekend.

We couldn’t recommend Lexi more. We feel SO lucky to have had her as our wedding photographer and hope to use her again for future milestones."

- james & kelly

"When my husband and I first began wedding planning, we wanted to prioritize hiring the right photographer since, to us, our photos are the only thing we could physically keep from our day. 

From start to finish, Lexi is an absolute pleasure to work with. Upon first glance through her Instagram and website, just like no two couples are the same, no two galleries are the same. Lexi spent our entire wedding day with us, and while we had such a long day planned, she kept the energy going! It truly felt like having a friend around all day. She knew when to hype us up and supported us when speed bumps surfaced throughout the day. She created a photography timeline that helped us take our time and not feel rushed. 

Wedding days go by in the blink of an eye. Looking at our gallery, Lexi photographed moments that we didn't get to witness, especially the ones where we could see all our guests enjoying their evening. Her attention to detail is outstanding, and I don’t think I could ever find the right words to express how grateful we are. All the feedback from friends and family always included the word "incredible." We know that they’ll cherish these photos as much as we do.

To Lexi, thank you for choosing us. We now have a lifelong friend and can’t wait to work with you again in the future."

- ryan & kayla

“Lexi was a breeze to work with, so fun, and every time we talked, it felt like chatting with a friend. She is creative, so freaking talented, and will tell it like it is. 

When I booked my venue, I had lots of ideas for all the photos I wanted to take around the venue. Lexi executed all -- and I mean ALL -- of the shots perfectly. I am so grateful because not only did she listen to my requests, but she also made SURE that we did them. I said goodbye to her at the end of the night sadly, but with no anxiety, knowing that she documented the night well and I'd have no regrets.

After the wedding, we got so many fun sneak peeks from her at random times leading up to gallery delivery, and it was so lovely to have those teasers along the way. She also took so much BTS footage on her phone that she sent us the day after that I was SO grateful for.

The gallery itself was everything I hoped it'd be and more. I thought I knew all the pics she was taking, but she got so many pics of our guests that I just learned about. I am SO grateful for her attention to detail and the photos that captured not just the people there but the overall vibe of the day/night.

Hiring Lexi would be your best decision on your wedding day 
(besides marrying your spouse). LOVE YOU LEX!”