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Georgetown Winter Engagement


Your engagement photos are arguably just as important as your wedding day photos. I know, I know… I said it! Let me explain to you why, though. The time that you spend being engaged is such a fresh and special time for the both of you. Everything is new and exciting, and you are in the midst of planning your wedding day. Whether it be big or small, this is a big deal, people! Your engagement photos are a time of celebration of this next step in your journey together, so I LOVE being a part of so many couples’ wedding journeys. Keep scrolling to see more of this beautiful Georgetown Winter Engagement.

Christina and Chase first inquired with me back in October about their wedding later in 2022, and of course, I said YES! When you inquire with your wedding photographer about pricing, make sure to ask if they have a wedding package that includes an engagement session. Some photographers like to include engagement photos as a part of some wedding packages, which I do for all of my investments! While in the midst of planning your wedding, we are also making plans for your engagement session. However, don’t worry… I make this process as seamless as possible. I send all of my couples a questionnaire that you fill out that ensures that we are getting every moment you want to be captured, just the way you like it.

Georgetown Winter Engagement

After spending weeks emailing our plans for Chase and Christina’s engagement session, the time finally arrived. We decided to meet up in Georgetown here in Washington, D.C, through much deliberation of what makes them, them! There is so much history, life, and character all throughout Georgetown. It truly makes for some amazing photo opportunities. The cobblestone streets and being surrounded by all of the historical brick buildings truly bring us to another world, which I love.

Saxby’s Coffee

We started off their engagement session by grabbing a few coffees together at Saxby’s Coffee. I typically love starting off engagement sessions by doing something a bit more laid-back and fun. Something that my couples would normally do anyway! While a seemingly “classic” move, it’s called classic for a reason. After slurping down the little bits of iced coffee that were left, we decided to hit the town. Oh, and by hitting the town, I totally mean just walking around the neighborhood. The same thing, though, right? We spent the rest of Chase and Christina’s engagement session with many “sooo cute” and “you guys look so good” moments, but you know what, that’s a given when you’re working with me!

I had the most amazing time being able to photograph such a special and important time for Chase and Christina. Oh, and just wait until I release photos from their wedding in December of this year… trust me, you’re not going to want to miss it.

Engagement Outfit Tips

You may notice that both Chase and Christina did an outfit change halfway through their engagement session. This isn’t uncommon, and depending on how long your engagement session is with your photographer, it actually is encouraged! Switching your outfits can really elevate the entire experience and give you a 2-for-1 type of deal. However, I know that one of the many things that we struggle with is choosing what to wear! Deciding what to wear for your engagement photos can be one of the most challenging things you may do… at that moment. Luckily for you, here are a few tips to help you along your fashion journey to make sure you are lookin’ fresh.

  • Wear clothes that YOU feel confident in – Don’t choose clothing items that you wouldn’t normally wear just because you are getting your engagement photos taken. You still want to feel calm, cool, and confident so choose pieces that still feel like you.
  • When in doubt, stick with neutrals – Neutrals will seriously be your best friend for outfit planning. Stick to neutral creams, browns, blacks, whites, and tans if you’re trying to decide what to wear. Trust me, Neutrals go with literally anything and take a lot of stress off planning.
  • Dress appropriate for the Season – I know that you want to be wearing those amazing fur boots, but when it’s 90 degrees out…. maybe not. Please just make sure you are dressing appropriately for the season. The last thing we want is for you to either freeze or get dizzy from being too hot.

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