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Surprise Proposal in New York

Did you know that I not only photograph weddings, but I’m down for proposals too? From the littlest of moments to the biggest of moments, I’m here to capture everything and anything. I was so excited when Michael first inquired about his plans to propose to Makayla, so keep reading to see more of their surprise proposal in New York.

Hot Air Balloon Proposal?

When Michael initially inquired with me, I couldn’t have been more excited. Reading through all of his plans with Makayla truly made my heart melt. Makayla has been a fan of my work, so Michael had a TON of ideas and planned already in the works. Initially, his plan was to propose in a hot air balloon, but slowly, we learned that all of the logistics may not have been the best idea. Don’t get me wrong, though; if you’re open to doing it, it can be an amazing and unique experience (just don’t try it if you’re afraid of heights – LOL).

Coincidentally, when Michael had inquired, Makayla had inquired separately to do a cozy in-home session. I’m sensing the universe was trying to speak to all of us, no? Since the hot air balloon proposal became a total bust, this was a sign to take matters into our own hands. Essentially to have a win-win situation, Michael and I planned to surprise Makayla during this intimate in-home session. Don’t you want to know how it went?

Surprise Proposal in New York

So Michael and Makayla live in New York, which is about 6 hours or so from DC (where I am). Luckily for me, I could book my flight and make it just in time for this special surprise. Oh, and if you’re wondering, I do travel and LOVE doing it. As soon as I arrived at their home that morning, the mimosas seamlessly fell into their hands, and we got started. In-home sessions are so unique, and honestly, I wish couples did them more often. There is this idea that you have to have a “perfect home” (whatever that means) to do an in-home session. Let me tell you, you are WRONG.

The whole point of an in-home session is to show off your personality and what makes you… you. It’s vulnerable, it’s intimate, and it’s oh so sweet. We walked throughout the main living areas of their home and even got to snuggle with their adorable pets. A bunny, cat, and dog, to be exact! Their home was actually one out of a magazine, and I was utterly obsessed with it all.

Picnics and Champagne Pops

Once we finished inside, we did a quick outfit change and headed to a local park. It was almost time for the main event! You may or may not notice, but I love when my couples can be themselves during our sessions. Let loose, have fun and get amazing photos – that’s what I live by. Naturally, Michael and Makayla were goofing around, twirling, and having fun and we figured now was as good as a time as ever. With Makayla’s back turned, Michael got down on one knee as he waited for Makayla to turn around. To say she was shocked would be an understatement. Her reaction, his reaction, and every second after was a huge blur. There was a lot of laughing, hugging, and smiling, and it was such an intimate moment to capture.

We ended their session with a small little picnic and a celebratory champagne pop to congratulate the newly engaged. I am so excited to capture their wedding later this year, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

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Apr 12, 2022

Lexi Truesdale

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