8 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer


First off, congratulations! This is such a big moment in your life, and I know you might be freakin’ out right now. There are so many moving parts when it comes to planning a wedding, no matter what size. Now I may or may not be slightly biased, BUT I truly believe in investing in your wedding photography (You already knew that was coming… since I’m a photographer, lol). With ALL that being said, trying to find a wedding photographer that checks off all the boxes for YOU can be some work, especially if you don’t know “what” or “who” you’re exactly looking for. Lucky for you, I’m here to make sure we cover all your bases. Below is a list of 8 questions to ask your wedding photographer. These questions will help you narrow your options and find your dream wedding photographer (which I hope is me!!!).

How long have you been photographing weddings? 

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Let me start by saying that experience does not equate to how talented someone is. However, their experience can tell you if they’re experienced enough to handle your wedding. Your wedding photographer should not only produce beautiful images, but they should also provide a seamless experience. Before, during, and after your wedding. If you’re looking for someone with more wedding experience and/or are looking for a certain type of expertise, this is a very important question to ask. Keep in mind that the more experience a photographer has, the more likely they will charge for that experience. Photographers charge for their knowledge, education, gear, and experience in the wedding industry field. Oftentimes this knowledge and expertise are reflected in their investments. So keep that in mind when it comes to budget and what you want in your wedding photographer.

For me, I’ve been in the industry full-time for 3 entire years! Life has such a way of putting you in the right place, right time, and being a wedding photographer for sure was my calling all along… I can’t see myself ever doing anything else I love more than this.

What is your photography style?

Finding a wedding photographer who matches the style of photos you envision for your wedding day is key! Remember that 99.9% of the time, photographers will not change their editing style just for you. Wedding photographers take years to gain experience in their editing style! How they edit is one of the many unique ways photographers help them stand out among a vast amount of photographers. So finding a wedding photographer whose style matches what you’re looking for is essential. Ask yourself these questions before asking your potential wedding photographer:

  • Am I looking for a light, bright & airy?
  • Do I want dark, warm, and moody?
  • Editorial and luxe style?
  • Grainy and vintage?

There are a ton of different editing styles to choose from. So make sure who you inquire with matches what you’re looking for! If you want to look at some of my favorite work with my editing style, click here! I would describe my photography style as timeless, muted, with a vintage-inspired look. I focus mostly on the connections that are given to me and run with them, making it authentic to each and every one of my couples.

Tip: Ask yourself, “do I envision my wedding photos like this?” while scrolling through their website & social media platforms. This will help gain better insight on whether or not you like their style for your wedding or you just enjoy looking at their work.

What does working with you look like? How involved are you in the process?

Anybody who has ever worked with a wedding photographer will tell you that wedding photography is not just getting pretty photos back. You’re not only investing in the final product but the experience. You must find a wedding photographer who fits your exact needs.

The process with me is – I am right by your side for many of my couples through the wedding planning process. If you need vendor recs, outfit ideas, and needing some comfort during a rather stressful time – I got you! We go over your wedding day timeline 3 months beforehand to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible on the day of. When choosing a wedding photographer, ask them what their process looks like and how involved they are leading up to the wedding day. Make sure you also know how involved you want your wedding photographer to be throughout the process as well.

How long until we get our final gallery?

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Most of the time, wedding photographers will disclose right away how long it will take to receive your final gallery. However, if they do not mention it, it’s always good to ask and set realistic expectations! I know you’re riding on cloud 9 and are just waiting to see all of the magic that was created. Remember that your wedding photographer is working hard to narrow down thousands of images and edit them to perfection. Final galleries can take up to ten weeks to be delivered, but just know that the results are 100% worth it.

What happens if you get sick?

This is quite literally a wedding photographer’s worst nightmare. The last thing we want is to get sick on your special day. While we do everything in our power to prevent this, sometimes life just happens. If the time comes and your wedding photographer gets sick, it’s important to know who their backup plan is… or if they even have a backup plan! Usually, wedding photographers will have an associate shooter take their place on the wedding day.

An associate shooter is essentially someone who takes your photographer’s place on wedding days. They have experience with weddings and have a rundown of how the wedding day will flow. The associate photographer is usually someone the wedding photographer trusts and knows will produce quality work. Remember that an associate photographer does NOT edit your images. All the associate photographer does is photograph the wedding, and your wedding photographer will still edit your images. While this isn’t the outcome that any wedding photographer wants, just know that having a backup plan and ensuring that your wedding experience is perfect is the main priority. 

Is there a chance my photos will end up missing?

Okay, so you remember how I said getting sick is a photographer’s worst nightmare? I lied. Losing your images is the absolute last thing anybody wants. Ensuring that your wedding photographer has several systems in place so this doesn’t happen is one of the most important things to know. It is typical to notice that wedding photographers have not one SD card but TWO in their cameras. This ensures that your photos are constantly backed up, just in case one SD card becomes corrupt/broken/missing. Your wedding photos should also be backed up in several locations, including an external hard drive. Missing wedding photos is a no-go, so ask this important question when speaking with your potential wedding photographer.

Do you have insurance?

Ah, all the fun legal stuff. Insurance is super important when working with your wedding photographer; most photographers should have it in case of an emergency. Insurance is not only there to make sure that your photography gear is covered if stolen/broken. It also provides liability protection if anything happens to your wedding photographer on the day of the wedding. 

If I need you longer on my wedding day, will you stay? Is there an extra charge?

While each wedding photographer has policies regarding staying later than intended on wedding days, 95% of the time, the answer will be yes! When booking me for your date, you could have me for 24 hours… meaning I wouldn’t book anything else on that day. Unless we have prior commitments already discussed before your wedding day, most of the time, your wedding photographer will be more than happy to stay a little bit longer. This isn’t free, so you will pay your photographer hourly rates (maybe even more) depending on how long! 

Finding your dream wedding photographer does not have to be hard! Hopefully, these 8 questions to ask your wedding photographer will help set you up for success in finding the perfect wedding photographer for your dream wedding. If you’re thinking at this point, “what about you?” I am so down! Click here to fill out my inquiry form, and let’s discuss deets!

8 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

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