Spring Honeymoon in Paris


If you should know one thing about me, is that I am in love with traveling. It’s one of the many things in life that sets my heart and soul on fire. I’m so thankful that my job allows me to travel and see so many amazing places. This past Spring I had the opportunity of a lifetime to fly to Paris, France. Not only do a little bit of explorin’ and croissant eating but to capture the most beautiful honeymoon. Their spring honeymoon in Paris was definitely one to remember and one that I am proud to share.

Spring Honeymoon in Paris

Of course, when it comes to traveling, much like a lot of people I can be a chronic over-packer. Nonetheless, I packed up my suitcase, hopped on my plane, and flew over to Paris, France. It was there that I met up with Annie and Clint to capture a glimpse into their honeymoon. A month prior to this trip I had the honor of photographing Annie & Clint’s rehearsal dinner. I truly feel honored that they entrusted me to not only capture their rehearsal dinner but their honeymoon as well in the love capital of the world.

I think we often think that you hire a wedding photographer for your wedding. However, that’s not entirely true. In fact, I feel like we should normalize having other monumental moments, like your honeymoon, documented to share. While of course, your wedding day is important, and I believe that wholeheartedly, your honeymoon is just as important! You’re married and it’s a time of celebration as your first few days as a married couple. This is a cherishable and special time and one that many wish never stopped. Let me help you freeze this moment in time for you to relive this post-marriage bliss.

Eiffel Tower

We started off their session at the beautiful Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel Tower was built back in 1889 and has been a bucket list location for many people throughout the years. Its beauty is unmatched and is the heart of what people like to call “the city of love”. People travel far and wide to see this great structure. So it was only natural that this was our first stop! Located across the way from the Eiffel Tower was a beautiful building with steps overlooking the monument. So naturally, we stood there for their first set of photos.

Annie wore this beautiful blush-toned short dress while Clint kept things pretty casual with a black suit. To make things a bit more elegant and really bring out the Parisian style, Annie changed into this gorgeous blush-toned gown that was to die for. We (and by we, I totally mean Annie & Clint) danced and twirled and had plenty of smooches with the views of the Eiffel Tower behind us, and it was utter bliss. You’re probably wondering, “Lexi, were people staring?”. The answer is yes, but we don’t really care! Whatever you gotta do for the shot, am I right?

The Louvre

Our next adventure took place near The Louvre. Now while we can’t take photos in the Louvre, since that’s against the policy, the surrounding area of the famous museum is still just as beautiful. The architecture and scenery that you’re surrounded by when you head to another country are absolutely unreal and looking back at these photos still leaves me in complete awe. It was here that Annie wore this insanely gorgeous black dress that really emulated the entire Parisian way of life – oui, oui. 


While we loved exploring the hustle and bustle of the city of Paris, it was time to take it down a notch and head to the suburbs. Oftentimes I think we forget that to people who live in Paris, this is their everyday life. It’s easy to get clouded with all of the fame and reputation of this beautiful city, but preserving the city’s history and culture by supporting local small shops and restaurants truly does help to make a difference.

We made our way to Montmartre, a small village in the heart of Paris, France. You’re surrounded by cobblestone streets, historical churches, art, bistros and cafes, and lots of charm. Montmartre is actually one of the most famous Parisian districts, which made it perfect for this next stop for Annie & Clint’s honeymoon. While exploring the area, we found this quaint rooftop to enjoy some drinks while overlooking the beauty that is Paris. 

The Hotel

Before this honeymoon session in Paris came to an end, we had one more stop. Annie and Clint’s hotel room overlooked the busy Parisian streets and a view of the Eiffel Tower. The twinkling lights made it just that more magical and made me feel like we were in a Hallmark movie. Since at this point it was night, I busted out my flash so we could have some of those editorial-esque type vibes. Annie and Clint were absolutely radiating with love. They were riding on the high of that just married life and I just couldn’t believe that I was there capturing all these memories for them.

For any of you who’ve been wanting to travel around the world and want a photographer to document any special moments, for sure reach out! Traveling is in my blood and is one of the many things I enjoy doing. From anywhere in the continental US to flying across the world, I will be there to document it all. If you’ve been wanting to book a destination location for your wedding or honeymoon, click here, and let’s chat!

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