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Intimate Wedding Ceremony in DC

Since I’m a photographer in DC, I see a LOT of different types of weddings. Elopements, intimate weddings, big weddings, and everything in between. For Cameron & Ashley, they wanted me to photograph their civil ceremony, and of course, I said yes! Keep reading to see more from their intimate wedding ceremony in DC.

What is a Civil Ceremony?

Now I think a good place to start off is answering the question: what is a civil ceremony? A civil ceremony is a non-religious, legal marriage ceremony that a government official can oversee. These civil ceremonies can be short, sweet, and to the point. There’s also this misconception that civil ceremonies need to occur in a courthouse when that is entirely untrue. They can take place almost anywhere! For more information on how to plan a civil wedding ceremony, I highly recommend checking out this article here!

Intimate Wedding Ceremony in DC

Cameron & Ashley actually have plans this year to get married in Scotland (jealous)! However, they wanted to have something much more fun and intimate with just the two of them before jetting off to Europe. So we started off by me arriving at their home the morning of their special day. Ashley and Cameron started the day by getting ready and putting on their business casual-esque attire. By the way, if you’re ever questioning what to wear on YOUR day, take this piece of advice. WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT. Don’t let other people’s expectations or opinions determine what you look like on your special day… seriously. Not everyone wants/needs to be wearing a white dress on your wedding day, and you know what? That’s perfectly fine.

Washington National Cathedral

Cameron & Ashley really wanted their photos to look real and candid – no stiff posing here! We took a few photos of them in their home before heading out into the town to the Washington National Cathedral to sign their legal documents. The Washington National Cathedral has the most beautiful grounds and gardens. It is where we went for Cameron & Ashley to read letters that they wrote to one another & sign their official marriage papers. Moments like this really make my heart soar and truly make me feel honored to capture such intimate & special moments.

Cobbled Georgetown Streets

To stick with our very casual and laid-back theme, after signing their paperwork, they were officially married. We decided to hit the cobbled Georgetown Streets. Something about the cobblestones, the weather, and the overall vibes of the day worked for us, so we just decided to roll with it. We even decided to take a few polaroids of their day for physical copies of these special moments. I highly recommend bringing along a polaroid on your wedding day! Bring it along and capture your memories and look back on the right at that moment… they are great momentos that look AMAZING in a scrapbook, hanging on your fridge, or kept closely in your wallet.

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Photography: Lexi Truesdale Photography

Tux: Hall Madden

Dress: Reformation

Florist: Little Acre Flowers

Apr 5, 2022

Lexi Truesdale

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