Washington DC Spring Engagement Session


Andrew & Taylor are one of the most fun-loving couples I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. They are the type of couple where their smiles are contagious. To the point where you find yourself smiling just because they are! They wanted to mix timeless elegance with their playful personalities for their engagement session. So come along as we explore their beautiful three-location Washington DC Spring engagement session!

The Line DC

We started Andrew and Taylor’s engagement session at The Line DC. The Line DC is a luxury hotel located in Adams Morgan here in Washington, DC. Located inside a 110-year-old church, you truly can immerse yourself in the beautiful culture of the surrounding neighborhoods. Due to this, you can fully experience the art and culture of DC. At The Line DC, you can experience exquisite food & cocktails, music & events, and all that DC has to offer.

The vibes for Andrew and Taylor’s engagement session focused on timeless elegance. So, of course, we had to make The Line DC our first stop of the day. The interior decor of The Line DC truly speaks for itself, so we didn’t need to do much to set the mood we were going for. We made sure to grab some cocktails and bask in the ambiance. It truly was a vibe.

National Portrait Gallery

The National Portrait Gallery (NPG for short) is located on the grounds of the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Here, you’re surrounded by artwork centered around topics such as civil rights, alternative pieces, famous portraitures, etc. To view other exhibits held at the National Portrait Gallery, click here! Inside and out, the NPG is breathtaking. 

Now I don’t know about you, but something about photos in a museum gives me those warm fuzzy feelings. For some reason, it brings me back to classic Euro elegance, which I LOVE. Speaking of Euro elegance, I was in Paris not too long ago and captured the absolute sweetest honeymoon session. To read all about that, click here. So, to stick with our timeless elegance theme, Andrew and Taylor wandered through the corridors of the NPG. Exploring art, holding hands, and being the lovey-dovey couple they are is just about all we do here at the NPG.

Player’s Club

Our last stop for Andrew and Taylor’s engagement session was the Player’s Club. Here at the Player’s Club, they focus on bringing on your inner child. Called a “gamer’s paradise,” the Player’s Club blends together 70s and 80s music, gaming, and culture to create this unique immersive experience. It’s a place to unwind, play games, shoot pool, and enjoy quality food. Leave adulting at the door and embrace all the fun activities you once used to do as a child.

Since the majority of their engagement session was spent soaking up in the laps of luxury, it was only fair to balance it out with a bit of spontaneity and fun. We could turn Andrew & Taylor’s formal attire into a more laid-back, casual set of outfits with a quick outfit change. We spent the remainder of their engagement session playing skeeball, a classic game of Uno, and basketball before packing it up for the night.

I love exploring my beautiful city and finding new, fun places to go. It shows that no matter where you are, there are always new sights to see and new people to meet. In the meantime, if you’re planning your engagement session and are stuck on what to wear, I got you! Click here to be transported to a recent blog that gives you all the tips on what to wear to your engagement session.

Washington DC Spring Engagement Session

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