What To Wear To Your Engagement Session


Let’s just face it. One of the toughest decisions many of us go through on a daily basis is trying to figure out what to wear. Go ahead, just admit it. It’s fine. However, imagine if you were to add in the mix of something important. A special event, occasion, or engagement session perhaps? Stress levels officially increase by 1,000%. Now what? Trying to figure out what to wear to your engagement session can seem to be the constant thing nagging in the back of your brain. Luckily for you, I’ve come up with some helpful tips on what to wear to your engagement session. These tips are a sure-fire way to make sure you are lookin’ & feelin’ fierce.

Stick to Neutrals

Neutrals are going to be your best friend when trying to decide what to wear to your engagement session. Think about it, neutrals go with just about anything. If you’re worried about what your partner will wear and if you will photograph nicely together, always stick with neutrals. Tones like beige, tan, cream, black, white, and camel all are great examples of what color palettes you can stick to if you’re in a tussle about what to wear.

Comfort = Confidence

fall engagement session in Washington D.C.

Make sure that whatever you pick to wear for your engagement session is something you feel confident in. Hate to break it to you, but uncomfortable-ness translates very easily onto camera. Looking back at your photos, the last thing you want to see is that you/your partner are uncomfortable in their clothes. You want to make sure that you are feeling 100% comfortable in what you’re wearing. While of course, you want to make sure you are looking for the best version of yourself, that doesn’t mean you need to go entirely outside of your scope. If you feel comfortable wearing a ball gown out, don’t wear one to your engagement session. Choose outfits that reflect the best version of yourself and that make you feel amazing in front of the camera.

Avoid Distracting Patterns & Logos

Have you ever seen something so complex that it distracts you? That can oftentimes happen especially in photography when someone wears a pattern or logo that is a bit heavy. A heavy or “distracting” pattern would be similar to having a relatively complex pattern. A bright neon floral dress can disrupt the photo and looking back can make the subjects (aka YOU) not the main focus. As we all know, during your engagement session you ARE the focus. Steer clear of patterns, logos, and designs that can easily distract from you and your partner. We want all of the attention on you, don’t forget!

Formal & Casual Outfit Options

Depending on if the time allows for this, you may have the chance to bring along 2 outfits to your engagement session. Oh boy, as if finding one outfit wasn’t hard enough, right? If you speak with your photographer and they agree that you can fit two outfits, this is amazing news! Not only does it feel like you are getting two sessions in one, but you get to have a more formal outfit choice and a more casual outfit choice. Something formal would be something like a long flowy dress, a suit, high heels, etc. While something more casual like chinos, a flowy blouse & skirt, flats, etc. If you are looking for more outfit inspiration for formal & casual outfits, check out my Pinterest here!

Dress Appropriately For The Season

Making sure you dress appropriately for the season is SO important when deciding what to wear to your engagement session. While yes, those new sandals you bought are cute. Maybe not the best option in the dead of winter though. While of course I am all for freedom of expression and wearing whatever you like, I would suggest taking into account the time of year. You can use the seasons to your advantage!

  • For Summer & Spring Weather – maybe going barefoot on the beach wearing some sandals & shorts or even a flowy dress
  • For Winter & Fall – Use those cold-weather accessories to your advantage! Hats, gloves, and scarves can help keep you warm and can help you especially if you suffer from “I don’t know what to do with my hands” syndrome

Complement with Your Partner – Don’t Match

While matching outfits with your partner for photos used to be all the rage, it’s not so much anymore. You still want to add some diversity to your photos, and wearing matching outfits can defeat that. Instead, I recommend complementing your partner instead. No, I don’t mean tell them that they look nice, although you can do that too – lol. Complementary essentially means taking some key components and building your outfits around that.

An example is your partner could wear a blue button-down shirt and neutral-toned pants, while you could wear a flowy white dress with small accents of blue to match the shirt. While you aren’t overpowering the color palette you are still able to complement each other and be cohesive.

Some Other Helpful Tips

Communication, Communication, Communication

Making sure you communicate with your photographer for your engagement session is KEY! It’s our job as photographers to make sure that you are feeling 100% comfortable in front of the lens. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to your engagement session and what to wear, ask away! We are here to listen and make sure that you are looking and feeling your best in celebration of this next big step in you and your partner’s lives.

Pamper Yourself w/ Professional Hair & Makeup

Who says that you need to wait until your wedding day to get glammed up? Not me! Your engagement session is a celebration and should be treated as such. If you want to get your hair & makeup done for your engagement photos, I say hell yes! Sit back and relax while you have someone pamper you for some of the most memorable photos of your life.

Make A Day Of It

Make a day out of your engagement session! The fun doesn’t have to just stop when your photos do, in fact, that can be just the beginning. You can go to your engagement session, grab a bite to eat, and have a date night. If you are getting glammed up for the camera, why not take it a step further and make the whole day a celebration?

Oh hey, if you’ve made it all the way down here – congratulations! I know that this can be a lot of information all at once, so kudos for making it all the way down here. If you’re in the need of a photographer for your engagement session, your girl is ready! Click here to fill out my inquiry form and let’s get chattin’.

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