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Photos are forever. They’re our way of looking back on moments that matter, even when we’ve long forgotten the little details. They are a part of your legacy that you’ll show to your future babies, they’ll show to theirs, and so on for generations to come. This is at the forefront of my mind during every wedding, elopement, session, or moment that I capture, inspiring every shot I take. So, what do you say we make it official? Let’s dig deep into the roots of your love story and create memories that will last you lifetimes!

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We'll meet at the starting location and get things moving! Once I arrive, we'll chat a bit & I'll do my best to calm those nerves. Then, depending on your investment package, we'll move to other locations and change (YAY)!

Please note galleries take 3 to 6 weeks to get delivered.

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After I review your questionnaire, we'll hop on a call or facetime to chat about it. We'll talk about the vibes, locations, dates, etc., you're hoping for during it! Then I'll be sending over a contract & invoice.  At this time, 50% of your investment will be due, and then the other half is due the week before your session.

Fill out my contact form here, and I'll get back to you within 48 hours, grab a coffee or drink while you wait! If I'm available, I'll send over the investments. If all goes well, we'll set up a call or facetime!

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Fill out my contact form here, and within 48 hours, you'll be receiving a questionnaire for you two to fill out together within that response!
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say hi

We’ll set up a time to call or facetime to chat and get to know each other Please ask as many questions + overshare any details about you two; the more I know - the better. I want to get to know your relationship as best as I can during our time together!

After our call or facetime, once you say the words "WE'RE IN!!!"  I"ll send over a contract & invoice. At this time, a 30% deposit of your investment will be due. To secure your date fully, a deposit must be made, and a contract must be signed. 

Then the fun times begin, woohoo!

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I’m always here to answer questions or say hello, but first, read through my most frequently asked — chances are you’ll find your answer there!


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2024 Travel

Reach out for exact dates! 

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Lake Tahoe
February 2024

DMV(dc, md, va)
March 2024

New Orleans
March 2024

San Francisco
April 2024

DMV(dc, md, va)
June 2024

August 2024

September 2025

Bucket List Locations

Book any of these locations for a special discounted rate!

U.S Locations:  Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Cannon Beach, Pacific NorthWest, Lake Tahoe, Alaska, Arizona 

International Locations: Italy, Morocco, Banff, Thailand, Peru, Portugal, New Zealand, Iceland, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya

I'm travel ready!


Relive your most memorable moments with photography that honors your roots. 

Make the good times timeless

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